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Conceived and conceptualized by its CEO, K.N.Balaraman, a businessman of repute and long standing at Thrissur in 2005, Krishna Homes is well established as one of the most trusted and reputed names in the industry. Known for his high integrity in all his previous business endeavors, Balaraman has succeeded in percolating this virtue down to his team at Krishna Homes as well.

Testimony to this is the fact that Krishna Homes never felt the need to advertise any of their projects. Whenever a new project is announced, the first Booking is made by friends and relatives of our satisfied customers. We rely more on the 'word of mouth' than a media blitz.


To be known as a builder providing homes for the discerning class.


To provide modern, comfortable living space in prime locations in major cities of Kerala at affordable prices, with no compromise on quality.


We understand the strong bonds our customers have with their native land and their yearning for a bit of their past, even as they have wholeheartedly embraced life in the fast lane. The Homes we design are, therefore, most modern, but steeped in tradition. We try our best, within the constraints imposed by apartment projects, to give them what they are used to and what they were used to.

Our architects and design engineers are a blend of youth and experience, which ensure change with continuity. That has made Krishna Homes the preferred choice of the discerning customers.

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